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IP Address Change – Server Central

September 4th, 2019 admin

Due to a hardware failure at our server in Hong Kong over last week end, followed by unsuccessful attempts for system recovery, a replacement server has been set up and all hosted clients on the central server migrated to that new server (with new IP address). If you using our DNS and were previously hosted on the central server, you do not need to do anything as our DNS were updated to the new IPs and your website should load automatically from the new location.

If you use your own DNS, please contact our support team to obtain the new server IP to manually point to that address.

We apologize for any downtime or inconvenience experienced over the last few days. Any affected client is requested to open a support ticket with our billing department to request a RMB100 downtime credit which will be automatically deducted from any future purchase or renewal invoice.

The Management

SinoHosting completes the acquision of HostMacau clients

July 24th, 2018 admin

As part of the ongoing consolidation of our parent company Cycom Hong Kong brands, we are happy to announce that we have finalized the acquisition of, as well as the consolidation of all HostMacau clients on our platform.

HostMacau clients should not see any change in their services since their server remain the same. The only change is that at their next billing they will be invoiced by SinoHosting instead of HostMacau. Also, for support issues, they will now need to contact or open support tickets with SinoHosting.

Through the acquision of HostMacau, SinoHosting has now added Macau to the list of its servers location. As a launching promotion, the company is offering six additional months for free for all new shared hosting orders on that location.

For any question regarding this migration, please send an email to ; you can also open a support ticket with

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Server migration

January 8th, 2018 admin

Due to an ongoing government investigation affecting one of our datacenters, servers in that datacenter are now offline. We do not have an ETA on when the issue will be solved and servers accessible again. For clients affected, we offer the option to set up a new server at a different datacenter. It will take a couple of days for the new server to be brought online and we will be giving a RMB300 credit to all affected clients.

We apologize for this issue which unfortunately is beyond our control.

The Management

SinoHosting bank information update

November 17th, 2017 admin

Following an internal restructuration, all our payments from Hong Kong and overseas will now be received by our parent company Cycom Hong Kong Limited. As such, our previous bank account at HSBC should not be used by our international clients.

All new invoices should come automatically with the new bank information. You can also review our current bank details at this page.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Management

SinoHosting client system upgrade

October 24th, 2017 admin

We will be proceeding to a system upgrade from midnight October 25th at 12:00AM until 3:00AM. During that time, access to the client area may be affected. This maintenance will also affect our ordering system.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
The Management

SinoHosting adds Macau location to its international hosting offerings

June 19th, 2017 admin

We are happy to announce that starting immediately, we are offering Macau as an option for our international hosting plans.

This new addition strengthens our leading position in the Greater China hosting industry, since we are the only company offering hosting in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and now Macau. Beyond these locations, we also offer web hosting in South Korea, Singapore, the United States and Europe (United Kingdom and the Netherlands)

As with our other international hosting plans, pricing starts at RMB500 (USD75) per year only. This is a standard cPanel hosting with all the features of our other packages, including backups, uptime monitoring, Softaculous, full WordPress support and more.

For any question about our Macau hosting plans, please contact us at sales at

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Cycom China Limited

SinoHosting is doubling its shared hosting plan starting April 1st, 2017

April 1st, 2017 admin

SinoHosting is pround to announce that starting April 1st, 2017, its cPanel shared hosting plans are upgraded with immediate effect. The change applies to all shared hosting plans (Linux), both for China and Hong Kong/International.

More specifically, the Basic and Basic China plans are now increased to 2GB disk space and 10GB monthly bandwidth. The Business and Business China plan are now increased to 10GB disk space and 100GB monthly bandwidth. The Corporate and Corporate China plans are increased to 50GB disk space and 500GB monthly bandwidth.

Another change is that the Business plan (Hong Kong & International locations) now can host three websites instead of one previously.

By doubling the allocated disk space on all plans, SinoHosting is striving to provide the most competitive and cost effective hosting packages in the industry in China.

There is no price increase with the increased disk and bandwidth allocations. The Basic plan however will not include from this date a free domain registration, which will remain available for the Business and Corporate plans.

You can review the upgraded plans from the links below:
-China Hosting:
-Hong Kong & International Hosting:

We are working on further changes to our line up on services which will be effective in the coming month.

The Management

Changes to the ICP license procedures – November 2016

November 22nd, 2016 admin

Some new changes have been introduced by the relevant authorities in regard to the ICP license application and requirements. More specifically:

1) During the application, the website must be offline (403 or 404 status)

2) Previously, it was possible to run the website on a Hong Kong or oversea server while the license was being processed. That is not allowed any more.

3) Successful applicants must display and maintain their ICP license in the footer of their website homepage with a link to the relevant government website. This was always the rule but enforcement was lax. Now it is a hard requirement and not doing so can result in the cancellation of the ICP license.

4) It is not allowed to park or forward domains without ICP license towards websites that have valid ICP licenses. To do so, the parked or forwarded domain must also have an ICP license.

You can learn more about these new rules and more details about the ICP license application procedure and requirements at

cPanel license price change

November 15th, 2016 admin

Starting immediately, SinoHosting cPanel license pricing is changed as below:
-Dedicated server license: RMB300/month or RMB3,000/year
-VPS/Cloud server license: RMB125/month or RMB1,250/year

Existing clients paying the old prices should contact us for update if their next invoice does not reflect the new pricing.

As an official cPanel hosting partner, we will continue passing our discounts to our end customers while building up our position of leading cPanel hosting provider in mainland China and Hong Kong.

New US dedicated servers package – Seattle location

November 15th, 2016 admin

SinoHosting has completely revamped its US dedicated server offering. First, we will be offering all our US servers from our Seattle partner datacenter, which offers the best routes to the Asia Pacific region. Second, the new packages come with significant price reductions compared to the old plans, as low as RMB416/month for the USDS-1 plan when paying yearly, or RMB500 on a monthly commitment.

You can learn more about our US dedicated server plans at