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Billing system maintenance

June 23rd, 2008 shadmin

We are currently upgrading our billing system (WHCMS), therefore it is not possible to place an order through it for the time being but we hope to get it back online within 24h.

In the meanwhile, all orders will be processed manually through email (

Singapore server downtime notice

June 20th, 2008 shadmin

Starting from June 15th, one of our Singapore servers had been facing a huge DDOS attack, with the malicious computers found out later to be originating from China. Access to the sites were not possible and we couldn’t move them in the meantime. As a result our own site which was on this server and some of the clients sites that were on the same server were unavailable for a few days while our server admins were resolving the issues.

A temporary solution has been to block access from Chinese IP addresses since the attacks came from China. We are now in the process of moving the sites to new locations and clients will be notified of the new IP addresses soon.

If your site has been affected we do present you our apologies although this was beyond our control. If your site was in another location (China, US or UK) or on one of the other two Singapore servers then you shouldn’t have experienced any issue at all.

Our email server has been affected as well so any support request or email that has been sent in the last 48H has probably been not received. We are working on retrieving the emails and will reply as soon as this is done. For urgent matters please send your emails to or directly to Patrick at