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Gmail Blocked in China-Business Email Alternatives from SinoHosting

December 30th, 2014 shadmin

It appears that over the last few days Gmail (both personal and Google Apps) are inaccessible from most networks in mainland China, including through Mobile Apps and other mail clients. For business people living in China or operating here relying on Gmail or Google Apps for their electronic communications this is a critical issue with a major effect on their business communications.

SinoHosting offers two business email solutions that can potentially solve this problem and ensure continuous access to your emails in China.
1) Corporate Email Hosting: Affordable email solutions running on the same platform as our web hosting (cPanel), available at three locations: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Los Angeles (USA). All three are accessible from China but obviously the Shanghai location is more suitable if most of the users are based in China.
2) Microsoft Office365 Business Essentials: This is a hosted exchange product backed by Microsoft that is available on a per mailbox basis that includes not only email but all the business productivity tools from Microsoft. We are a partner of Office365 for both Hong Kong and China.

Of course, clients using our web hosting plans do not need to purchase a separate email solution as the included email accounts can be used fine from China.

To learn more about above two business email solutions, please visit

Launch of SinoHosting Microsoft Office365 plans

November 18th, 2014 shadmin

As announced previously, SinoHosting has launched this month its new hosted exchange plan, or more exactly the Microsoft Office365 email hosting solution. Powered by Microsoft award-winning exchange service, it goes beyond Outlook to include other tools that small businesses will find useful in their day-to-day business: calendar, contacts, tasks manager, file sharing, online conferencing, Office online etc.

SinoHosting will be offering only the Microsoft Office365 Business online. Clients can choose either the mainland China server or Hong Kong server. The price per year is RMB750, which includes initial configuration and support by SinoHosting.

Please check our website for more details. If you have any questions about this service, please contact our sales department.

Upgrades to our email hosting packages

November 12th, 2012 shadmin

We are happy to announce a general upgrade on our email hosting packages. All packages see a huge increase in disk space (up to 500GB for the enterprise platinum package), while the prices stay the same!
Please check for details on our current email hosting offering.
The Management

Free dedicated IP addresses with Enterprise email hosting plans

July 27th, 2010 shadmin

In our constant search to provide the best value for our clients, we are proud to announce that as of today all our enterprise email hosting plans will now come with a free dedicated IP address.

With a dedicated IP address, risks of the IP being blacklisted, which affects from time to time accounts on shared servers, will be basically removed. This will also improve email delivery and the overall service level.

All dedicated IP addresses will have a reverse DNS in place as before.

If you currently have an enterprise email hosting plan, you can contact us to get your account setup with a free dedicated IP address as well.

Above offer is valid for accounts hosted on Hong Kong or USA servers only, we are unable to offer this service for email hosting plans hosted on our mainland China servers.

Email Hosting: Small Business Plan now offers 20 accounts

March 10th, 2008 shadmin

Beginning today,’s Small Business Email Hosting Plan can be used to set up up to 20 email accounts. Previously, the plan offered a maximum of 5 accounts. The total space remains the same, 1GB. The decision has been made following customer feedback, and we understood that many clients, especially those using Outlook, Thunderbird and other email management softwares, could use more accounts on that space without the need to upgrade to the higher plan (Enterprise Email Hosting, 2GB, 100 email accounts, RMB900/Year)

The package pricing remains the same, RMB500/Year (by the way one of the most competitive in mainland China). We use Singapore-based servers for our email hosting plans. The control panel is in English by default, but available as well in Chinese and over 10 major European languages.

If you are currently a client for on this package, your account should be upgraded automatically. If not, feel free to contact us immediately.