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Dot cn domains now available worldwide (for registered companies)

September 27th, 2012 shadmin

SinoHosting can now register .cn domain names for its global clients. As long as you have a company legally registered, and can provide a scan copy of the company’s business license, you can register your .cn domain name.

The registration fee is still the same at RMB180.

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Dot cn domains can now be registered by Hong Kong companies

August 28th, 2012 shadmin

Companies incorporated in Hong Kong can now register .cn domain names through SinoHosting. You will need to provide only a copy of a valid BR of the Hong Kong entity. Registration takes 7 days and the domain can be hosted in Hong Kong or overseas, but not in mainland China due to the ICP licensing requirements.

The cost of the registration is RMB180.

The Management

Dot cn price increase

March 31st, 2012 shadmin

Due to the additional work required in the registration process for .cn domain names, starting from April 1st, 2012, .cn domain names registration prices are increased from the current RMB125/year to RMB180/year. This applies to .cn,,, and all other .cn related domains. The same price is valid for domain transfers and domain renewals.

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Dot cn domain registration now possible without an ICP license

January 16th, 2012 shadmin

We are currently able to assist in the registration of .cn domain names without an ICP license. The domain can be used with our international hosting packages (US, UK, Singapore or Hong Kong). The .cn is still however still restricted to Chinese companies. The application takes seven days and the following documents must be provided (scans of the originals):
-Enterprise license code certificate (mainland China-registered company)
-ID card (must be Chinese national)
Should you have any question on this, please contact our sales department at sales at
The Management

New domain name platform at

February 5th, 2011 shadmin

We are pround to announce the launch of our domain name platform ; from now on, all international domains will be registered through that new platform. This includes the following extensions: .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .in, .tv, .asia, .eu, .me

The new platform, named SinoHosting Domains, is more integrated to our biling system, and provides more control to clients over their domains. Clients can directly edit their domain ownership information, update nameservers or contact details without needing our assistance. The new platform also comes with a full DNS management system, which can be useful for clients hosting their website or email system elsewhere, or clients using Google Apps for emails while using our servers to hosting their website etc.

A major advantage of the new platform also is that it allows us to provide private registration completely free of charge.

We will be migrating previously registered domains to the new platform as they come to be renewed. For any questions about this new platform, please make sure to open a support ticket through our website.

The Management

Domain name pricing update

January 25th, 2011 shadmin

We are happy to announce the following update to our domain name prices:
1) .hk and now reduced to RMB250/year
2) .asia and .eu: now reduced to RMB150/year
3) .tv: now reduced to RMB250/year
4) .mobi: increased to RMB150/year (due to changes of prices at registrar)

Other domains are still available at the old prices. Click here for the full pricelist.

We will be launching in the next few days a new domain name portal which will enable our customers to manage their domains directly, set up nameservers, manage nameservers, edit contact information etc. without the need for our technicians to assist. Additional extensions (including .co,, .in, .cc etc.) will also be available. Check back later for details.

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Crackdown on non-verified .cn domain names

September 16th, 2010 shadmin

Following a notice from the CNNIC, domestic registrars are currently investigating .cn domain names in order to make sure owners have provided the required documentation. In January this year we have sent mails to all our clients to request them to provide both their passport copy and copy of business license (when applicable) in order to comply with the CNNIC requirements. If you have registered a .cn domain name with us and your site has stopped resolving then it means you haven’t sent us the documents or these documents have not been accepted as valid by the registrar. Such domains show “ClientHold” as status when doing a whois search instead of the normal value (“OK”).

In case you are concerned by the situation above, please send immediately to our support email:
-The passport copy of your registrant (the registrant would be the client who purchased the domain name from us, which you can also verify by doing a whois search)
-A scan copy of your business license or certificate of incorporation (if domain was registered for a company).

As soon as we receive these documents we will transfer them to the appropriate registrar for the domain name to be reactivated.

For any questions on the above issue, you can email to our support department or open a support ticket using your client details.

Updates on Chinese domain names registration

March 9th, 2010 shadmin

Chinese domain names registration is now restricted to local Chinese companies. Foreign registrars which used to resell .cn domains are now prevented to do so, and Chinese registrars do not accept foreign applicants for these domains.

The law that prevented individuals to register .cn has been somewhat waived on February 8th. However, it appears applicants, who must be Chinese citizens, must show up in person with the ID card and photo, to the CNNIC office or their service provider for “authentication” before they are able to register their domains.

Suspension of dot cn registrations

January 11th, 2010 shadmin

Due to a decision by our registrar, we are temporarily suspending dot cn domain name registration. This is a consequence of the tougher restrictions and registration process that were enabled by the CNNIC last month. We hope that restrictions will be somewhat relaxed after the Chinese New Year holiday or later in the year. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The Management

New regulations on dot cn domain names registration: now available only for companies

December 17th, 2009 shadmin

We have been informed by our dot cn registrar of new regulations issued by the CNNIC (the organization in charge of the management of the dot cn registry). The new regulations do not affect domain names registered prior to this announcement.

In brief, first dot cn domain names (which include .cn, ,,, as well as regional extensions such as ,, etc.) will now be available for registration only for registered companies (Chinese or foreign). Second, upon registration, the applicant need to file and send through the registrar a paper application, and join to this application a copy of his business license and a copy of his ID (ID card for Chinese nationals and passport for foreigners). The paper application needs to bear the official seal of the applying company.

For more details on these new rules, please check this link on the CNNIC official website.

Considering that the new regulations increase the work load to process a dot cn registration, we have decided to increase the registration price by RMB50, to RMB125/year. They will still be included for free though with our web hosting packages.