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Doing a full backup in CPanel

January 30th, 2010 shadmin

CPanel, which runs on all our Linux servers, and is used by 97% of our clients, have a built in backup utility which allows users to do a full backup of their sites within a few minutes and save it to their computers. We recommend clients to do backups regularly to be able to restore their sites in case of emergencies. Although most of our servers have a weekly backup system or have a RAID configuration, the reality is backups can fail. By following this quick guide you will be able to backup your site when you want.

The backup process as below:

1-Log into your control panel, with your username and password. Access url would probably be

2-Under the “Files” category, click on “Backups”

3-Choose the first option, Full Backup (“Download or Generate a Full Website Backup)

4-Choose “Home Directory” as Backup Destination. You can also input an email address to be notified when the backup is completed.

5-You finally click on “Generate a Backup”. CPanel will start preparing a full backup of your site.

Once the backup is completed, you can come back to click on the download link. Choose a location on your hard drive and click OK. Depending of the size of your site and your internet speed, it can take some time for the download to complete.

In case of server emergency, you will simply need to provide this backup to our admins and the backup will be restored to the new server within half an hour on average. This would include all the site contents, e-mails etc.

Another way to do the backup would be to download directly the home directory files (second option on point 3 of the above guide) and the databases if any. In this case the site can only be restored manually and not by our admins automatically.

How often should you do a backup? This would depends of whether your site is dynamic or static. The more often your site contents are updated the shorter the period between backups. We recommend at least one backup per month for static sites and one per week for dynamic sites.

Finally, a full backup can be useful when you prepare to do some advanced changes to your site, or have a third party work on it. In case anything goes awry, you will can always have your site restored to its initial form by providing us with the full backup.

New job openings at SinoHosting

January 27th, 2010 shadmin

We have new openings at our Shanghai office:

-Linux server admin, full-time, knowledgeable in CentOS server administration and WHM/CPanel

-Helpdesk Support Staff, part-time or intern, for helping in sales but also basic client support.

For details on job description and requirements, please check our China web hosting jobs page.

Suspension of dot cn registrations

January 11th, 2010 shadmin

Due to a decision by our registrar, we are temporarily suspending dot cn domain name registration. This is a consequence of the tougher restrictions and registration process that were enabled by the CNNIC last month. We hope that restrictions will be somewhat relaxed after the Chinese New Year holiday or later in the year. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The Management

Hardware failure on

January 8th, 2010 shadmin

It appears our server with IP has a hard drive failure. This causes all sites on that server to be inaccessible. Our techs are working on the issue either to fix the hard drive, or retrieve the data to upload to a new drive. If you are on this server and have a backup of your site, you can send an email to or open a support ticket and we can set you up temporary an account on a new server, which should have your site back online within 30mn.