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Issue with

March 30th, 2010 shadmin

We have been advised by our Chinese datacenter that server with IP has a website with contents forbidden by Chinese law. According to the local regulations, they have shut down this server pending further investigation. We are working with them in order to have the site removed and the server back online. However there is no specific timeline on how this will be done.

For clients who wish to do so we are currently restoring the latest available backup to another server. Please open a support ticket through our website if you are on this server and wants us to do that. Uploading and restoring a backup can take 1~4h depending of the size of your website. If you have your own backup, however, you can require from us to set up a new account and restore the backup by yourself, the new account set up can be done within 15mn.

While we apologize for the downtime occurred, there is nothing much we can do as this is part of how datacenters operate in mainland China.

US shared hosting IP changes

March 27th, 2010 shadmin

One of the US datacenters we use is reallocating IP addresses to their servers and proceeding to needed migrations. If you notice that you cannot upload to your site through FTP, it might be that your IP has changed. Please open a support ticket immediately to obtain your new IP information. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. As this was done with short notice, we have not been able to inform each client individually.

The Management

Changes in international web hosting and email hosting packages

March 19th, 2010 shadmin

Starting from April 1, we will introduce new changes in both our international web hosting packages (US/UK/Singapore/Hong Kong) and email hosting packages.

While pricing will match the China hosting plans, the international web hosting packages will have more resources (disk space, monthly allocated bandwidth etc.) than before.

In regard to email packages, we will update them to match current corporate email requirements, with larger allocated disk space. Prices would be higher but we believe this would meet better the needs of our clients.

Existing clients would not be affected by these changes. Renewals will be done at their current prices, and we will not force them to move to the new packages. For those however who wants to enjoy the new resource limits, we can give a free upgrade and they will start to be billed for the new prices only when they renew.

The Management

Updates on Chinese domain names registration

March 9th, 2010 shadmin

Chinese domain names registration is now restricted to local Chinese companies. Foreign registrars which used to resell .cn domains are now prevented to do so, and Chinese registrars do not accept foreign applicants for these domains.

The law that prevented individuals to register .cn has been somewhat waived on February 8th. However, it appears applicants, who must be Chinese citizens, must show up in person with the ID card and photo, to the CNNIC office or their service provider for “authentication” before they are able to register their domains.

New Windows shared hosting server in Hong Kong later this month

March 3rd, 2010 shadmin

In order to improve the reliability of our Windows offering in Hong Kong, we will be launching later this month a new server which with an English-based control panel (our current server is Chinese-based). Existing clients will be contacted when new server is ready and migrated for free.

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