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Emergency network upgrade on server tiger

May 15th, 2011 shadmin

We have been informed by the datacenter where server tiger is hosted at that an unscheduled emergency network upgrade is ongoing at this time. As a result there will be access issues to servers in this IP range including server tiger. The upgrade is scheduled to be completed by 11:00AM. We apologize for the inconvenience caused but expect as a result to have a more stable network for that server.
The Management

After the network upgrade completion, upon server reboot the HDD came out in read-only mode. We have asked datacenter to check this issue and complete a fsck on this server. Please stand-by for further updates.

The issue was solved at 3:00AM today and sites hosted on the server appears to be loading properly; we are however still monitoring this server, and might start migrating accounts hosted on this server to new locations. If you are hosted on this server please make sure to generate a full backup just in case.