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China Email Marketing Services

February 22nd, 2012 shadmin

Due to popular demand, and after months of preparation, SinoHosting is happy to announce the addition of email marketing to its portfolio of services. Our email marketing services will complement nicely our web hosting, ftp hosting and web design, and contribute to our goal of becoming the all-in-one web solution provider for foreign companies in China.

Our China email marketing services start from RMB300/month only (for a list of 2500 subscribers with unlimited mailing), and is built upon an easy-to-use platform which allows even web novices to create and manage their email campaigns with minimum effort. For clients who wants to outsource the management of their email campaign or due to lack of time or qualified in-house staff, they can also select our fully managed service through which SinoHosting handles all their campaigns, list building and integration within their website.

Self managed clients will be able to manage their campaigns through our email marketing portal; from this portal, they can create, send and track their email campaigns at their own schedule.

For details about this new service, please go to our email marketing page.

Important Migration Notification – HKNWT to STANLEY

February 20th, 2012 shadmin

As part of the upgrade of our infrastructure, and due to ongoing IP blacklisting issues at hknwt IP addresses, all accounts on that server have been migrated to the new server, which is also located in Hong Kong; clients using our nameservers / do not need to do any change, their site should be automatically running from the new server by now. For clients using external domain nameservers, they will need to update manually their site to point to the new IP address:

For FTP access the IP address changes to To access your control panel you can continue to use , all existing usernames and passwords should remain the same.

The old server will stay up for a week the time we ensure all sites are running properly from the new location. Should you have any issue with your site after the migration, please make sure to contact our support department for assistance.

The Management Team