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New service fee for ICP registration

March 18th, 2011 shadmin

Starting on March 21st we will be charging a service fee for new clients looking to host in China who will need to apply for an ICP license through us. This is due to the increased complexity, work and time now needed to apply for an ICP license.

The service fee is set to RMB800, payable at the beginning of the application. In case of unsuccessful application after 6 months, we can refund 50% or RMB400. The remaining RMB400 is non-refundable.

Clients who already have an ICP license will not be charged that fee and will therefore only pay the normal hosting and, when applicable, the domain registration fee.

Before placing the order or applying please make sure that you meet the requirements and can provide all documents as listed on our ICP web page.

ICP license application procedure

March 2nd, 2011 shadmin

We have written a short guide to assist our clients looking to host in China and apply for an ICP license. Please check it at:

The Management

Free dedicated IP addresses with Enterprise email hosting plans

July 27th, 2010 shadmin

In our constant search to provide the best value for our clients, we are proud to announce that as of today all our enterprise email hosting plans will now come with a free dedicated IP address.

With a dedicated IP address, risks of the IP being blacklisted, which affects from time to time accounts on shared servers, will be basically removed. This will also improve email delivery and the overall service level.

All dedicated IP addresses will have a reverse DNS in place as before.

If you currently have an enterprise email hosting plan, you can contact us to get your account setup with a free dedicated IP address as well.

Above offer is valid for accounts hosted on Hong Kong or USA servers only, we are unable to offer this service for email hosting plans hosted on our mainland China servers.

SinoHosting Affiliate Program launch

June 2nd, 2009 shadmin

We are happy to announce the official launch of our affiliate program, one of the first by any host in China. Affiliates can earn USD10 for each sale referred to our website, with the minimum payout being USD100. Payment is done by Paypal or wire transfer.

Domain name sales (without hosting) or sales for which payment was not received will not earn commissions.

If you are a site owner, after signing up you can download from your affiliate accounts banners with your affiliate tracking code, which you can place on your website. This affiliate program is opened to clients and non-clients.

You can check now for more details or to sign up!

CPanel hosting now available in China

January 26th, 2009 shadmin

We are happy to announce that new hosting accounts for our China Linux servers will be set up using CPanel. This will allow us to improve the general experience of our customers, while providing more options and functionalities.

The major upgrades over the current offer would be multiple mysql databases, sub-domains, and more stable email accounts (previously we had to use US email hosting for our China hosted clients).

China Hosting Plans Update

November 27th, 2008 shadmin

We have made changes to our China Hosting plans, mostly by increasing the amount of disk space for email hosting and the number of email accounts. The new plans look like this:
-Basic-China: 100 shared disk space, 5 email accounts
-Basic Plus-China: 200MB disk space for web hosting, 200MB disk space for email hosting (20 accounts)
-Business-China: 300MB disk space for web hosting, 300MB disk space for email hosting (30 accounts)
-Business Plus-China: 500MB disk space for web hosting, 500MB disk space for email hosting (50 accounts)
-Corporate-China: 800MB disk space for web hosting, 1GB disk space for email hosting (100 accounts)
For details on other functions or place an order please click here.
If you are a current user of our China hosting plans, you can contact us to have your email server upgraded to the new limits.
Please note that as from now we will be using exclusively our US servers for email hosting even for China plans, only the web hosting remains on China-based servers.