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IP has been turned off

October 2nd, 2009 shadmin

We have been informed by datacenter than the IP address has been turned off due to one site on this server hosting illegal contents, resulting in all sites on that server becoming not available. As per the Chinese law in that regard, the server will be reopened only after investigation, which unfortunately won’t happen before October 8th when the holidays finish. We do apologize for the downtime for clients which sites are hosted on that server, however there is nothing much we can do other than wait for the datacenter. We do not have access to the files on the server to move clients sites to a new server/IP address.

For clients who have a backup of their site please contact us immediately by opening a support ticket through our homepage to have an account set up for you on another server.

Update: The IP address is now affected by the same issue. Clients with sites on that IP address can contact us to obtain a new account on another server to which they can upload their site.

IP address change notification (for some China-hosted accounts)

September 26th, 2008 shadmin

Due to server move at China Telecom, accounts using the IP address need to update their IP to This includes databases as well and is effective as of today.
The change will affect about 5% of China hosted sites. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.