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Crackdown on non-verified .cn domain names

September 16th, 2010 shadmin

Following a notice from the CNNIC, domestic registrars are currently investigating .cn domain names in order to make sure owners have provided the required documentation. In January this year we have sent mails to all our clients to request them to provide both their passport copy and copy of business license (when applicable) in order to comply with the CNNIC requirements. If you have registered a .cn domain name with us and your site has stopped resolving then it means you haven’t sent us the documents or these documents have not been accepted as valid by the registrar. Such domains show “ClientHold” as status when doing a whois search instead of the normal value (“OK”).

In case you are concerned by the situation above, please send immediately to our support email:
-The passport copy of your registrant (the registrant would be the client who purchased the domain name from us, which you can also verify by doing a whois search)
-A scan copy of your business license or certificate of incorporation (if domain was registered for a company).

As soon as we receive these documents we will transfer them to the appropriate registrar for the domain name to be reactivated.

For any questions on the above issue, you can email to our support department or open a support ticket using your client details.

New prices for China and Hong Kong domain names

February 27th, 2009 shadmin

Due to changes of prices at the registrar a couple of months ago, starting from today we are updating our dot cn domain name pricing to RMB75 per year (about USD11.20 at current exchange rate).

We previously used to offer .cn domain names at RMB50 for the first year then RMB75 afterwards. Now the standard price will be applied from the first year of registration.

On the other hand, we are reducing the prices for .hk and domain names to RMB280 (USD42), and RMB500 for two years. We used to offer them at RMB400 and 350 per year respectively. Please note that a Hong Kong business license is still required to apply for a domain name.