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Verification and delisting of ICP licenses

June 30th, 2011 shadmin

In the recent weeks, the local offices of the ministry of industry and information technology, in charge of ICP licenses, have been auditing websites with ICP licenses and delisting those with invalid certificates (business license, ID card etc.) or inaccurate contents (site content not matching the original declaration on the ICP application). Sites which have been moved to a provider different of the one through which the ICP license was originally applied for are also being delisted.

After de-listing it means the site does not have an ICP license and is not legally authorized to be hosted on a mainland China server.

In case you receive a SMS or email from the ministry of industry and information technology in regard of your ICP license being delisted, please contact us directly. For clients who had the license through a third party but are now hosted with us, they will need to apply for a new license ( We will waive 50% of the usual RMB800 one-time application fee. In the meanwhile, your site will be migrated to our Hong Kong server and hosted there until a new ICP license is obtained.

Clients can also choose to move permanently to Hong Kong if they decide not to start the ICP license, this way there is no additional fees if the site will be moved to an equivalent package on the Hong Kong server (for instance from basic-china to basic-hong kong)