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Migration of server aberdeen to new upgraded machine

November 11th, 2013 admin

In order to improve the hosting experience of our customers, all hosting accounts on the server have been migrated to a new machine. The new server is a huge upgrade of the existing server which was getting slow recently. It boosts 1TB of data storage space, 16GB RAM, a dual E3 CPU and a better backup system. Clients on this server should notice an improvement in the loading speed of their websites immediately.

There is no change to the hostname ( nor nameservers (ns13/ns14) so most clients should not face any downtime and should be loading on the new server by now. Clients not using our nameservers will need to point their records to the new IP. Such clients are required to open a support ticket with us to obtain the IP information.

The old server will remain up until we manually verify that all sites are loading correctly from the new server.

The Management

Korea Web Hosting now offered by

March 18th, 2013 admin

SinoHosting is happy to announce the addition of a new location to its international web hosting services. Indeed, starting immediately, we are offering Korea-based web hosting services. The infrastructure (Linux/cPanel) and service plans are the same as our international hosting plans in Hong Kong, Singapore, the US and Europe.

Hosting in Korea is suitable for site owners who are targeting users in Beijing, Tianjin, and the North East of China: Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, even down to Shandong). Ping time from Korea is faster than Hong Kong for computers accessing from these regions.

SinoHosting servers are colocated in a first tier datacenter in Seoul, South Korea. Our Korean hosting services are currently limited to shared hosting, as such we are unable to provide VPS or dedicated servers in Korea.

As always, SinoHosting is a pioneer in being the first international host in China to offer web hosting services on Korean servers.

To sign up for this service, please go to our international hosting page.

The Management

Security alert – iframe infection

March 1st, 2012 admin

In recent days, we have noted a number of customers reporting third party codes uploaded to their sites. In most cases, a single line or a short paragraph were added to their index page, either linking to a third party site or directly trying to install a trojan on the page visitor’s computer when no antivirus was present. In affected clients websites we have not seen changes to the databases or other files. It appears to be done by an automated software that has obtained FTP access to those accounts.

We have audited our servers and did not find any malware, however we are not taking any risks and would like to remind to all shared hosting customers standard procedures to keep their accounts secured:

1) Please make sure to update your cPanel password regularly and make sure this password is kept securely, and is not the same as your email or other online accounts.

2) Make sure to update your PHP scripts to the latest versions (especially open source scripts such as wordpress, joomla etc.)

3) Make sure that all computers accessing your account through FTP or cPanel are spyware and malware-free, and have up-to-date antivirus and anti-malware software. Computers from which your account is accessed should not be used to visit sites potentially dangerous such as torrent sites, adult sites etc., or run related softwares.

If you have forgotten your password, please submit a ticket at from your registered email account to have your password reset

On our end we are implementing a new security rule to force cPanel password changes every six months, however clients can are recommended to update their passwords even more often. We apologize for the additional trouble however this should go a long way in ensuring passwords of the accounts are not gained by unauthorized third-parties.

Should you notice any unusual activity at your account or changes to your home page please make sure to contact our support team at for assistance.

The Management

Important Migration Notification – HKNWT to STANLEY

February 20th, 2012 admin

As part of the upgrade of our infrastructure, and due to ongoing IP blacklisting issues at hknwt IP addresses, all accounts on that server have been migrated to the new server, which is also located in Hong Kong; clients using our nameservers / do not need to do any change, their site should be automatically running from the new server by now. For clients using external domain nameservers, they will need to update manually their site to point to the new IP address:

For FTP access the IP address changes to To access your control panel you can continue to use , all existing usernames and passwords should remain the same.

The old server will stay up for a week the time we ensure all sites are running properly from the new location. Should you have any issue with your site after the migration, please make sure to contact our support department for assistance.

The Management Team

Plesk Windows Hosting Plans available in Hong Kong

June 1st, 2011 admin

After months of development, we are happy to announce the launch of our Plesk-based Windows shared hosting plans in Hong Kong. The new platform represents an upgrade of the previous system which was based on a Chinese control panel and had very limited features.

The new Plesk shared hosting server includes the following:
-Windows server 2008 operating system
-AMD 8 cores processor with 15K SAS storage
-Bilingual administration panel (English and Simplified Chinese)
-Local email functionality
-MSSQL 2005/Mysql databases with local database administration software
-ASP, and PHP 5.2 support
-Spam Assassin, antiviruses, and Plesk application pack

Overall this would improve the overall reliability of our Hong Kong Windows offering.

We will be transferring existing clients on the old system to the new platform over the next month. Our support department will be contacting you shortly if you are currently on such plan. In case you want to expedite the transfer of your account, please open a support ticket or email to support @

ICP license application procedure

March 2nd, 2011 admin

We have written a short guide to assist our clients looking to host in China and apply for an ICP license. Please check it at:

The Management

New IP address for

December 23rd, 2010 admin

Please note that the main IP address for server is now changed to the following: ;

If you are using our domain name servers then there should be no change required from your end. You will simply need to update your FTP settings to the new value. If you are using an external DNS however you will need to update your records there.

For clients having their own dedicated IP address on this server there should be no change whatsoever unless further instructions.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Should you have any question feel free to open a support ticket from our website.

We wish you a happy holiday.

The Management

Issue with

March 30th, 2010 admin

We have been advised by our Chinese datacenter that server with IP has a website with contents forbidden by Chinese law. According to the local regulations, they have shut down this server pending further investigation. We are working with them in order to have the site removed and the server back online. However there is no specific timeline on how this will be done.

For clients who wish to do so we are currently restoring the latest available backup to another server. Please open a support ticket through our website if you are on this server and wants us to do that. Uploading and restoring a backup can take 1~4h depending of the size of your website. If you have your own backup, however, you can require from us to set up a new account and restore the backup by yourself, the new account set up can be done within 15mn.

While we apologize for the downtime occurred, there is nothing much we can do as this is part of how datacenters operate in mainland China.

New Windows shared hosting server in Hong Kong later this month

March 3rd, 2010 admin

In order to improve the reliability of our Windows offering in Hong Kong, we will be launching later this month a new server which with an English-based control panel (our current server is Chinese-based). Existing clients will be contacted when new server is ready and migrated for free.

The Management

Doing a full backup in CPanel

January 30th, 2010 admin

CPanel, which runs on all our Linux servers, and is used by 97% of our clients, have a built in backup utility which allows users to do a full backup of their sites within a few minutes and save it to their computers. We recommend clients to do backups regularly to be able to restore their sites in case of emergencies. Although most of our servers have a weekly backup system or have a RAID configuration, the reality is backups can fail. By following this quick guide you will be able to backup your site when you want.

The backup process as below:

1-Log into your control panel, with your username and password. Access url would probably be

2-Under the “Files” category, click on “Backups”

3-Choose the first option, Full Backup (“Download or Generate a Full Website Backup)

4-Choose “Home Directory” as Backup Destination. You can also input an email address to be notified when the backup is completed.

5-You finally click on “Generate a Backup”. CPanel will start preparing a full backup of your site.

Once the backup is completed, you can come back to click on the download link. Choose a location on your hard drive and click OK. Depending of the size of your site and your internet speed, it can take some time for the download to complete.

In case of server emergency, you will simply need to provide this backup to our admins and the backup will be restored to the new server within half an hour on average. This would include all the site contents, e-mails etc.

Another way to do the backup would be to download directly the home directory files (second option on point 3 of the above guide) and the databases if any. In this case the site can only be restored manually and not by our admins automatically.

How often should you do a backup? This would depends of whether your site is dynamic or static. The more often your site contents are updated the shorter the period between backups. We recommend at least one backup per month for static sites and one per week for dynamic sites.

Finally, a full backup can be useful when you prepare to do some advanced changes to your site, or have a third party work on it. In case anything goes awry, you will can always have your site restored to its initial form by providing us with the full backup.