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SinoVPN, a VPN provider for businesses and expatriates in China

If you are based in China and are looking for VPN services to access sites that are unreachable from within the GFW, you might take a look at SinoVPN. With plans starting from RMB83, SinoVPN has plans that are secure and guarantee fast access to overseas websites. Available VPN locations are Hong Kong, the US (Los Angeles and Miami) and the UK (Manchester).
This is a service more suitable for business usage although personal use is just fine. Most clients are small business owners and multinationals with branches in China. Business plans come with a dedicated IP address which reduce risks of the VPN being blocked by the GFW.
As a diclosure, SinoVPN and SinoHosting have the same parent company.
To learn more, you can check or contact the guys at SinoVPN for assistance.

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