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IP Address Change – Server Central

September 4th, 2019 shadmin

Due to a hardware failure at our server in Hong Kong over last week end, followed by unsuccessful attempts for system recovery, a replacement server has been set up and all hosted clients on the central server migrated to that new server (with new IP address). If you using our DNS and were previously hosted on the central server, you do not need to do anything as our DNS were updated to the new IPs and your website should load automatically from the new location.

If you use your own DNS, please contact our support team to obtain the new server IP to manually point to that address.

We apologize for any downtime or inconvenience experienced over the last few days. Any affected client is requested to open a support ticket with our billing department to request a RMB100 downtime credit which will be automatically deducted from any future purchase or renewal invoice.

The Management

Emergency network upgrade on server tiger

May 15th, 2011 shadmin

We have been informed by the datacenter where server tiger is hosted at that an unscheduled emergency network upgrade is ongoing at this time. As a result there will be access issues to servers in this IP range including server tiger. The upgrade is scheduled to be completed by 11:00AM. We apologize for the inconvenience caused but expect as a result to have a more stable network for that server.
The Management

After the network upgrade completion, upon server reboot the HDD came out in read-only mode. We have asked datacenter to check this issue and complete a fsck on this server. Please stand-by for further updates.

The issue was solved at 3:00AM today and sites hosted on the server appears to be loading properly; we are however still monitoring this server, and might start migrating accounts hosted on this server to new locations. If you are hosted on this server please make sure to generate a full backup just in case.

DDoS attack on

December 19th, 2010 shadmin

We are seeing a DDoS attack on the main IP of this server, we have contacted datacenter for assistance. If you are a client on this server and find your site offline, please open a support ticket to have your site pointed to a different IP. Thank you for your understanding.
The Management

Downtime at hkta

November 10th, 2010 shadmin

Our server has been down since late this morning, and attempts to contact the datacenter (Tele Asia) have so far been unsuccessful. We do not have an ETA about when the server will be back online. Clients hosted on the server, as well as some of our Hong Kong VPS clients are affected.

We apologize for the inconvenience and do our best in order to get the server back online asap. Unfortunately as we do not have a physical access to the server we can only wait for the Tele Asia staff to solve it. Downtime credits will be applied to all accounts affected.

If you have a backup of your site and wants to be migrated to a new server, please open a support ticket through our client area and our admins will set up a new account for you within 1h.

The Management