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Why hosting in Singapore makes sense for China-based companies

We host over 60% of our clients sites in Singapore, against 20% in China and 20% shared between UK and the US. Singapore is our first recommendation to new clients when it comes to choosing their server location, and here are our five main reasons:

1-Although out of the Great Firewall (meaning slower access speed from mainland China), Singapore is geographically closer and under the same server conditions, sites hosted in Singapore are comparable in terms of speed to those hosted in Hong Kong, and relatively faster than those hosted in Europe and the United States.

2-By hosting in Singapore one is not required to register for an ICP license with the Chinese government-backed relevant organization (it is a must if you host in China though).

3-Singapore-based email servers carry more trust than Chinese ones (email from Chinese IPs have higher chances to be classifieds as spam).

4-Hong Kong seems to be the best alternative location, but hosting in Singapore is substantially cheaper than Hong Kong for almost the same benefits.

5-Singapore has world-class hosting infrastructure, which can not be compared to the options available in mainland China.

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