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Changes to the ICP license procedures – November 2016

November 22nd, 2016 shadmin

Some new changes have been introduced by the relevant authorities in regard to the ICP license application and requirements. More specifically:

1) During the application, the website must be offline (403 or 404 status)

2) Previously, it was possible to run the website on a Hong Kong or oversea server while the license was being processed. That is not allowed any more.

3) Successful applicants must display and maintain their ICP license in the footer of their website homepage with a link to the relevant government website. This was always the rule but enforcement was lax. Now it is a hard requirement and not doing so can result in the cancellation of the ICP license.

4) It is not allowed to park or forward domains without ICP license towards websites that have valid ICP licenses. To do so, the parked or forwarded domain must also have an ICP license.

You can learn more about these new rules and more details about the ICP license application procedure and requirements at

cPanel license price change

November 15th, 2016 shadmin

Starting immediately, SinoHosting cPanel license pricing is changed as below:
-Dedicated server license: RMB300/month or RMB3,000/year
-VPS/Cloud server license: RMB125/month or RMB1,250/year

Existing clients paying the old prices should contact us for update if their next invoice does not reflect the new pricing.

As an official cPanel hosting partner, we will continue passing our discounts to our end customers while building up our position of leading cPanel hosting provider in mainland China and Hong Kong.

New US dedicated servers package – Seattle location

November 15th, 2016 shadmin

SinoHosting has completely revamped its US dedicated server offering. First, we will be offering all our US servers from our Seattle partner datacenter, which offers the best routes to the Asia Pacific region. Second, the new packages come with significant price reductions compared to the old plans, as low as RMB416/month for the USDS-1 plan when paying yearly, or RMB500 on a monthly commitment.

You can learn more about our US dedicated server plans at

ICP License Modification Notification for all existing clients hosted in China

August 26th, 2016 shadmin

Due to the recent change of format of the business licenses in China (the merging of the three types of licenses in a single one), clients with websites hosted in mainland China are required to submit their new license to ensure their information is up-to-date with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which overseas the ICP license system. We have received a notification from our datacenter to submit each client documents as soon as possible, and clients who do not provide such documents in due time will see their website suspended.

As such, all SinoHosting clients are kindly requested to submit the following documents as soon as possible:

1. New company license (三证合一)
2. Legal Person identity document (Chinese ID card/Oversea passport)
3. Contact person ID card (must be Chinese national), two sides required
4. 责任书 (scanned copy, we will send you the document to sign)
5. 核验单 (scanned copy, we will send you the document to sign)
6. Your ICP registration password

Our local staff will open shortly a support ticket to all clients hosted in China to arrange the sending of the documents. If you are a SinoHosting client and do not hear back from us by September 1st, 2016, please open a support ticket to us or send an email directly to

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

The Management

SinoHosting Affiliate Program relaunched

August 7th, 2015 shadmin

We have relaunched our affiliate program after upgrading the existing system. Sign ups were suspended for months but now again available.

SinoHosting affiliate program allows you to earn commission income when you refer clients to us. We pay a flat $10 per each successful client referred by affiliates. The system is fully automated and you can check from your affiliate account all traffic and orders that have been sent to our website through your affiliate link.

You can get started now by signing up at Sign ups are usually approved within two business days and the minimum payout amount is USD100.

Affiliates payments can be done by bank transfer or Paypal. If you have any questions, please email to , or if you are an existing client, you can submit a ticke to our Affiliates & Partners department from your billing account.

The SinoHosting Team

New China VPS locations at SinoHosting

January 1st, 2015 shadmin

There have been recent changes to the SinoHosting China VPS packages. Starting from now, we will be offering China VPS out of three locations/datacenters: Hangzhou, Beijing and Shenzhen. Clients will be able to select a specific location when placing the order from our website.

Clients previously set up at our Shanghai location will not have any change in their services.

Test IPs will be added later to our China VPS page. If any question, please contact our sales department.

Gmail Blocked in China-Business Email Alternatives from SinoHosting

December 30th, 2014 shadmin

It appears that over the last few days Gmail (both personal and Google Apps) are inaccessible from most networks in mainland China, including through Mobile Apps and other mail clients. For business people living in China or operating here relying on Gmail or Google Apps for their electronic communications this is a critical issue with a major effect on their business communications.

SinoHosting offers two business email solutions that can potentially solve this problem and ensure continuous access to your emails in China.
1) Corporate Email Hosting: Affordable email solutions running on the same platform as our web hosting (cPanel), available at three locations: Shanghai, Hong Kong and Los Angeles (USA). All three are accessible from China but obviously the Shanghai location is more suitable if most of the users are based in China.
2) Microsoft Office365 Business Essentials: This is a hosted exchange product backed by Microsoft that is available on a per mailbox basis that includes not only email but all the business productivity tools from Microsoft. We are a partner of Office365 for both Hong Kong and China.

Of course, clients using our web hosting plans do not need to purchase a separate email solution as the included email accounts can be used fine from China.

To learn more about above two business email solutions, please visit

Launch of SinoHosting Microsoft Office365 plans

November 18th, 2014 shadmin

As announced previously, SinoHosting has launched this month its new hosted exchange plan, or more exactly the Microsoft Office365 email hosting solution. Powered by Microsoft award-winning exchange service, it goes beyond Outlook to include other tools that small businesses will find useful in their day-to-day business: calendar, contacts, tasks manager, file sharing, online conferencing, Office online etc.

SinoHosting will be offering only the Microsoft Office365 Business online. Clients can choose either the mainland China server or Hong Kong server. The price per year is RMB750, which includes initial configuration and support by SinoHosting.

Please check our website for more details. If you have any questions about this service, please contact our sales department.

Cloud email solutions coming soon: Google Apps & Microsoft Office 365 in China

October 30th, 2014 shadmin

Due to popular demand, SinoHosting will be introducing by year end both Google Apps and Office 365 for clients who request these solutions. These will be integrated with our hosting plans or offered as a standalone service. You can have a single billing through SinoHosting and we take care of the set up for you.

These will be available with the relaunch of our website with a new design which is scheduled at the end of 2014. Stay tuned!

SinoHosting server location change and migration

October 23rd, 2014 shadmin

SinoHosting offers the possibility for its clients to move their account to a location at a different location. This is usually needed due to change of target users location, or in order to improve access to current users. Clients who find that their users do not have an optimal access to their website can request to change to a different location.

This service is available four our standard shared hosting plans (international); you can move your website from/to Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, the USA (California or Texas), the United Kingdom or the Netherlands. You can also move from an international location to a China server (after you have obtained the ICP license), or from China to an international location.

SinoHosting does not charge for this service. As long as you keep the same package, the migration is free and is usually complete within 24 hours. As our servers configuration are mostly the same across all locations (cPanel), there is no expected problem that the migration could cause. If your site requires however a special version of PHP, Mysql or any other requirement, please inform us in advance in order to select the most appropriate server at the new location, or activate the required feature at the new server.

For clients with their domain names registered through SinoHosting, there is nothing they need to do at their end, everything is handled by SinoHosting technicians. If your domain is registered elsewhere or you manage your DNS through a third party, you will need to update your nameservers to the new values, which we will provide, after the migration is complete.