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China Email Marketing Services

February 22nd, 2012 admin

Due to popular demand, and after months of preparation, SinoHosting is happy to announce the addition of email marketing to its portfolio of services. Our email marketing services will complement nicely our web hosting, ftp hosting and web design, and contribute to our goal of becoming the all-in-one web solution provider for foreign companies in China.

Our China email marketing services start from RMB300/month only (for a list of 2500 subscribers with unlimited mailing), and is built upon an easy-to-use platform which allows even web novices to create and manage their email campaigns with minimum effort. For clients who wants to outsource the management of their email campaign or due to lack of time or qualified in-house staff, they can also select our fully managed service through which SinoHosting handles all their campaigns, list building and integration within their website.

Self managed clients will be able to manage their campaigns through our email marketing portal; from this portal, they can create, send and track their email campaigns at their own schedule.

For details about this new service, please go to our email marketing page.

Important Migration Notification – HKNWT to STANLEY

February 20th, 2012 admin

As part of the upgrade of our infrastructure, and due to ongoing IP blacklisting issues at hknwt IP addresses, all accounts on that server have been migrated to the new server, which is also located in Hong Kong; clients using our nameservers / do not need to do any change, their site should be automatically running from the new server by now. For clients using external domain nameservers, they will need to update manually their site to point to the new IP address:

For FTP access the IP address changes to To access your control panel you can continue to use , all existing usernames and passwords should remain the same.

The old server will stay up for a week the time we ensure all sites are running properly from the new location. Should you have any issue with your site after the migration, please make sure to contact our support department for assistance.

The Management Team

Network card replacement at VPS node

January 25th, 2012 admin

Earlier this evening, our main VPS node went down due to a network card failure. We have commissioned the datacenter for replacement however as they did not have a spare part at hand, it would take longer to get one delivered onsite. We are following up on them to get this done asap. We apologize for the downtime caused to clients who have their VPS or websites hosted on this server. Our own billing and support system is on that server and has also been down since. We hope to get everything back up and running within the next two hours.
The Management

Unfortunately we were unable to find a replacement network card until now, and due to the holidays it might take a few days to have a compatible replacement network card shipped over from mainland China. While our admins are still working on finding an alternative, we have already started to set up a new VPS node which will go live later tonight. Our support ticket system will also be available at that time. For clients who have their own backups, please submit a support ticket to as soon as the VPS node is available so that we set you up with a new VPS immediately.

Until then, if you have any other issue that requires immediate assistance please email directly to

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. All affected customers will receive a half month downtime credit due to this outage.

USA Dedicated Servers for Chinese companies

January 22nd, 2012 admin

SinoHosting is now offering US-based dedicated servers for its clients in China. These servers are available in Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. The Los Angeles location has Asian carriers and is optimized for fast ping from Asia and China.

For more details on our USA dedicated servers packages, please click here.

The Management

Dot cn domain registration now possible without an ICP license

January 16th, 2012 admin

We are currently able to assist in the registration of .cn domain names without an ICP license. The domain can be used with our international hosting packages (US, UK, Singapore or Hong Kong). The .cn is still however still restricted to Chinese companies. The application takes seven days and the following documents must be provided (scans of the originals):
-Enterprise license code certificate (mainland China-registered company)
-ID card (must be Chinese national)
Should you have any question on this, please contact our sales department at sales at
The Management

Bank transfer and other payment options now available in Shenzhen

December 17th, 2011 admin

Clients in Shenzhen and other cities in Guangdong province can now pay us at our local accounts, including a corporate account for businesses and three personal accounts (with Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and Bank of Communications, all in Shenzhen). Please email shenzhen @ to get more information.

Other than bank transfer, Guangdong customers will be able to pay us by depositing cash directly at our Shenzhen office, or through mail in payment.

We are also able to provide official receipts/tax invoices (fapiaos) for all payments made to us in Shenzhen.

All new invoices will include above payments options from now on.

We are also planning to add customer support staff in Shenzhen in the near future.

The Management

SinoVPN, a VPN provider for businesses and expatriates in China

December 7th, 2011 admin

If you are based in China and are looking for VPN services to access sites that are unreachable from within the GFW, you might take a look at SinoVPN. With plans starting from RMB83, SinoVPN has plans that are secure and guarantee fast access to overseas websites. Available VPN locations are Hong Kong, the US (Los Angeles and Miami) and the UK (Manchester).
This is a service more suitable for business usage although personal use is just fine. Most clients are small business owners and multinationals with branches in China. Business plans come with a dedicated IP address which reduce risks of the VPN being blocked by the GFW.
As a diclosure, SinoVPN and SinoHosting have the same parent company.
To learn more, you can check or contact the guys at SinoVPN for assistance.

Billing system server migration

November 22nd, 2011 admin

We will be migrating the billing system ( from its current US location to a new server in Hong Kong. This will improve access speed from China and Asia, where over 90% of our customers are located. The move is scheduled to start on Saturday 26th, 2011, at 10:00AM and we expect it to be completed within 3 to 6 hours. During the move, the billing area will not be accessible as well as our support ticket system. For any emergency issues during that period, please email to
The Management

China FTP Hosting Service Launch

November 19th, 2011 admin

Following repeated requests for this service, we have now launched our FTP hosting service for the Chinese market. Packages are available from 10GB to 1TB storage space, and clients can choose to have the service activated on a Shanghai, Hong Kong or US server.

The service starts from RMB1,000/year only. There is no ICP required for this service even for clients with the server in China, so this will be useful to businesses looking to provide a download link, storage space, or a file sharing space for their clients, users or staff in mainland China.

For more details, please visit our new China FTP Hosting page., social networking site in Shanghai

November 11th, 2011 admin

Our parent company, Sinovantage International, has just launched a new social networking site called ShanghaiZoom. The site targets expatriates living in Shanghai primarily but also anyone working or studying in this city. The Facebook-like website has many sections including blogs, forums, classifieds, events, albums, videos etc. If you are living in Shanghai you will definitely need to sign up.

The address: